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Below you will find documents which will help you better understand the Bright Futures Information System. To narrow down to specific categories, please choose a category from the drop-down menu and click on the "narrow down" button.

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Record check form for licensed child care programs

licensing download pdf

Referral handbook for providers

referral download pdf

Form to use when requesting any variation from a regulation.

licensing subsidy variance download pdf

New referral agreement. Please fill out and send to your local Child Care Referral Specialist.

referral download pdf

Paperwork for record check authorization for Registered Home.

licensing registered home download pdf

Record chck form for legally exempt child care (LECC) providers.

legally exempt licensing download pdf

Instructions for updating provider rate agreement.

invoices rates subsidy download pdf

Online override request form

invoices payment subsidy visit site

The income eligibility table for State of Vermont Subsidy

invoices payment rates subsidy visit site

Bright Futures Information System Public Portal Link

general system access visit site

The State of Vermont's Child Development Division's web site.

general visit site

An outline for the process of filing an adjustment.

invoices subsidy download pdf

Instructions for logging in as an eProvider.

system access download pdf

Electronic participant statement; required reading for all eProviders.

system access download pdf

Paperwork to agree to record checks for Licensed Centers.

licensed center licensing download pdf

W9 form, required to get paid by the Child Development Division

invoices subsidy download pdf

If this site does not answer your questions, you may call or e-mail the Bright Futures Information System Help Desk (1.800.649.2642, with a specific question. You may also fax us at 802.241.0847.

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