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How Do I Sign Up?
To use the Bright Futures Information System you will need access to the internet through a computer which is available to you on a regular basis and a working e-mail address.

To access the system as an eProvder, get a credentialing case or sign up as a parent user, please use the form below.

NOTE: if you are already an eProvider, you most likely have credential login. To check, try to log into the "Child Care Worker/Credential User Login" from If you can log into this section and have a "resume" option from the top menu, you are all set and do not need to fill out this form.

Name (First & Last)
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)
Account Type
Mailing Address and Agency name (if part of an agency)

If this site does not answer your questions, you may call or e-mail the Bright Futures Information System Help Desk (1.800.649.2642, with a specific question. You may also fax us at 802.241.0847.

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