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  • When I try to log on to check my account it keeps going to a State of Vermont site. Why is this?

  • This web site is simple and quaint-perfect and quick for those of us with dial up connections. Thank you and please keep it that way.

  • Is there a reason the "Go to page:" section on the rosters does not work. I have to go through 6-8 pages to get where I want to be. This tool would be very helpful if it worked.

  • When I logout of the Child Care Worker/Credential User Login System it automatically brings me back to the Bright Futures Home Page. I really enjoy this feature. Unfortunately, when I logout of the Provider Login System it brings me back to the sign in screen. Could you please make the Provider Login the same as the Child Care Worker/Credential User Login? Or, maybe there could be a feature to switch between the two different logins? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Is there any way to be able to change sites instead of logging out of each site to make changes or to enter information into a new site? It is very time consuming to enter, exit and reenter.

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