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  • I just wanted to share information about some of the problems I'm encountering while entering my Provider Agreements:

    MISSING FIELDS in BFIS (these are shown in Section C of green Provider Agreement):

    1. Fees-"other" category
    2. Contact Information-Email address
    3. Program Information-All Curriculum categories except Waldorf & Montessori


    Program Start/End Time-I am unable to correct what already exists in the system, even though I have the correct time on the green form the provider filled out.

  • I did a search by town of a provider........Hyde park.....and she didn't come up. But when I typed in her name, she did pop up. That might be odd to parents and may not be informing them of all their possibilities. Likewise, I typed in Shelburne and not one Shelburne provider popped up. I typed in my name as well as other providers and only providers from St. Albans down to Rutland showed up, but not one Shelburne.

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